Chase Marine LLC - Hurricane Heating Systems - Seattle, WA
Chase Marine LLC. -  We Will Float Your Boat!
We have Heating Solutions For any Size Vessel!
Stop Tripping Over Heater cords, No more Worrying
About On-board Fires & Tipped Over Heaters!
Comfort / Reliability & Most of all Your Family's Safety!
   Heat Your Boat & Hot Water 3 Ways With 1 System!
The new all-in-one space and domestic water heating system!
Patented no smoke, no smell!
 40,000 BTU diesel burner
  • Domestic water temperature rise of 65° F at 1 gpm
  • 5 thermostatically controlled space heating zones
  • A supplemental 1500W electric immersion element
  • Manual summer/winter switching valve
  • Domestic water temperature control valve
  • 14 x 16 x 23″ HWD 80 lbs.
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ITR Hurricane Heating promo.avi
International Thermal Research Ltd. Hurricane heating system promotional video from year 2000. Explaining hydronic, hot water heating and ITR's patented low pressure diesel burner process. www.itrheat...
Winter Service Special $299.00
on Webasto & Hurricane!
Annual Service Special for Webasto & Hurricane Hydronic Heating Systems!
Protect your investment!
Don’t be caught out in the Cold when you need your heating system!
The replacement cost for a Heat exchanger is $990.76 and Air handlers start at $179.00 to $389.00 per unit!
Corrosion & Electrolysis are the main cause of Hydronic heating system failures, we will come to your vessel and test your heating system coolant for proper pH Levels and add a pH Balance and Water conditioner to protect the many various metals in your heating system.
Annual Service includes the following!
1) Inspect burner Heat Exchanger & burner tube for defects!
 2) Remove burner tube and remove soot from heat ex changer for better heat transfer & cleaner operation!
3) Remove old Fuel Nozzle and replace with a new one insuring a clean soot free burn & better combustion!
4) Check System air handlers and System for corrosion and leaks!
5) Check System for proper protection level of antifreeze!
6) Clean Flame Detector window and Ignition electrodes, Check for cracks in the porcelain, and check proper alignment
7) Replace system water Coolant filter where applicable.
8) Replace Fuel Filter.
9) Check for Exhaust Leaks!
Hurricane Larger System!
   Call For Parts List & Details + 25% OFF INSTALLATION!
   Hurricane II, H2 System Basic System Kit
                                                Prices Subject ToChange Without Notice!
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